Games for Preteen Girls


This one is always a hit with the girls and can give them hours of fun as they create their own “fashion” outfits from toilet paper. Supplies are simple enough to come byjust purchase rolls and rolls of toilet paper. If you can find any colored toilet paper, you will be oneup in the game.

Once the girls have created their toilet paper fashions, you can have a judging contest on whose outfit was the most creative or maybe the most silly. Let the girls choose music to accompany the fashion show and be sure to snap lots of pictures as they venture down the runway.

Sardines is a game you can play indoors or outside and is a reverse version of Hide and Go Seek. In this game, only one person hides and the rest of the gang seeks. However, when one girl discovers the hiding person, instead of calling them out she, too, must hide with the person in the same click csr racing 2 hack hack cheats more details place. This goes on until the very last seeker finds the “sardines” crammed into one hiding spot. Expect lots of giggling as the hiders try to remain quiet and the space becomes more cramped during the wait time.

This is a fun sleepover game, and you need sleeping bags in order to play. One girl is chosen to go out of the room while the others hide inside sleeping bagsnot their ownso they cannot be seen. When the girl who is “it” returns to the room, she chooses one sleeping bag to sit on (tag) and says “Piggly Wiggly.” This signals the person hiding inside to make oinky pignoises while the person who is “it” tries to guess who is hiding there. If she is correct, the girl in the bag becomes “it,” and it is her turn to go out game of war fire age hack tool online of the room. If not, the same girl has to leave the room while everyone switches places again, and the game continues in the same way.

This game is played with the popular candy Skittles. The girls sit in a circle while a bowl of Skittles is passed around. Each girl must close her eyes when the bowl comes her way and choose two Skittles from the mix. If they are the same color, she may chew them up as quickly as she can and swallow them; if they are not, she must sit with the Skittles in her mouth, not chewing, until her turn comes around and she has another chance to choose two of the same color. If she again chooses two different colors she simply adds them to the mix in her mouth. The Skittles mount as the game is played out, making it harder for players to keep them in their mouths without chewing (and laughing). There is danger even for those who do find matching colors if they are not quick about chewing and swallowing the candies; if another player chooses two matching Skittles everyone in the circle must immediately stop chewing their Skittles.