and increase sales


Live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) is there at your website and provides the exceptional customer service support. It has also been seen that is saves both the employee task time share here and the phone expenses too. Some of the worthy and noticeable cost savings are like
check here The average interaction cost is lowered and hence the overall contact center cost is reduced by employing live chat.
The efficiency is also increased as live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) representatives allow to handle multiple chats simultaneously, thus the need to hire more representatives is cut down.
As the employees do not require to spend an ample amount of time on phone, they can carry multitasking during chat conversations and hence the waiting queue is reduced to a fraction of its former size as compared to a call center.
This also leads to increase in sales as the process is improved.
The Forbes magazine stated in a current study :
“In 2008, Wells Fargo made a second attempt to leverage online chat to drive sales, and happily, this time the results have been crystal clear. High customer satisfaction scores and a double-digit increase in converted shoppers have shown the value once and for all of this technology.”
With live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) the customers can get in touch with the company, the moment they encounter any problem. Live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) provides instant responses to their concerns and this can make or break a sale. This reduces the bounce rates and ensures that full shopping carts make it through check out.
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